Transfer by VIP minivan

Waiting for a taxi at the airport can be a tiresome business and any delay will significantly raise the price of the trip. It is especially difficult for companies of 5-7 people: such a group will probably have to split up and take two cars. The best solution is to call a minivan in advance. Transfer-travel organizes a transfer from Domodedovo Airport and any other routes in Moscow and outside the city..

This airport is the second largest in terms passenger turnover in Russia. It lies to the south-east of Moscow, 22 kilometers from Moscow Ring Road. There are hotels that offer free transfers by vehicles to the terminals at Domodedovo Airport but these hotels are comparatively expensive and only suitable for travelers waiting for a transfer flight. The choice of cars is usually also limited..

Most guests prefer to stay in the downtown area near the attractions and business centers. Transfer by car from Domodedovo Airport to Moscow is one of the most popular routes for Transfer-travel.

VIP Minivan»

Minivan is a spacious vehicle with 7 to 9 seats. It has enough space for luggage; such a vehicle is great for small groups of travelers.

Unlike hotels offering free transfers from Domodedovo Airport, we will not give you any unpleasant surprises. The best vehicles can be found in the VIP segment, you will choose the car brand yourself. At the same time, the difference in prices for transfers from Domodedovo is minimal.

All vehicles pass regular inspections, as well as a check before they are sent our customers. In the event of an accident or other unexpected situations, we will instantly provide you with a new car of the same level of comfort.

Unlike taxis, a transfer from Domodedovo can be booked several days before arrival. This way you will definitely have time to book the best car. Transfer-travel offers both inexpensive foreign cars and executive cars, and you can also order a transfer by minibus..

Ordering a transfer from Domodedovo is the best option for those who don’t want to spend time searching for a car: a driver with a sign will meet you in the arrivals area. Our staff will help our customers with carrying their luggage to the vehicle

Аренда минивэна с водителем   Заказ такси вип класса

The price of transfer to/from Domodedovo Airport is fixed. No extra charge for waiting or luggage transportation. If the trip from Moscow to Domodedovo is delayed due to traffic jams or detours, the price of the trip will not change.

We work around the clock. You can book Moscow - Domodedovo transfer or any other trip online or by phone.